Monday, March 05, 2007

Two days and counting

Alright...I have two days left to be in my 30s. What should I do? I feel like I should do something so that one day I can say, "Oh...I did that when I was still in my thirties." That may sound stupid, but 4-0 is such a big landmark that I feel like I should do something out of the ordinary. Something I've never done before. Unfortunately it seems I've done everything worth least in my mind anyway. Obviously I will be doing fun things for my birthday, but I mean something other then a celebration type thing. Once you turn 40 that's it. You can't say you were too young to know better. You are officially an adult. There is no arguing with that. go with the notion that 40 is the new 20. Technically then, I'm still a kid. Right?! Of course if 40 is the new 20, then 20 is the new what? So, if you are 20 years old you apparently don't exist. That would mean that little girl running around my house isn't really there and I'm actually insane. So...not only am I turning 20(40), but I've gone round the bend as well. Humph...


Anonymous kailani said...

You can say you went to a Wiggles concert while in your 30s. LOL!

6:08 PM  
Anonymous Christine said...

Win it BIG in Vegas!! :) I'd love to hear the Sounds and Lights when (if I ever) hit the Nickle JackPot! Have a Great time!

10:52 AM  
Blogger Lola said...

Oh don't worry--you surely went round the bend a while back. You do own a bookstore, after all.

5:44 PM  

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