Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Snow, Snow, Snow!

I have been so busy lately. With the holidays it just seems I have not had a moment to myself or to blog. I can't seem to get anything done! For the last few days the weather people have been forecasting a major storm. In Colorado we hear this a lot. Usually it doesn't happen. I've heard that because of the mountains weather can change here quickly making it hard to predict. Well....this time they were right. It's huge! I started out the day thinking it would just be a little, so I went to work. A 10 minute drive turned into an hour. My daughter's school closed, they were offering babysitting during the Christmas vacation, so I took her in with me. It was so bad, I thought I would never get to work. Once we got there we all realized it was a bad idea, so we quickly filled orders and closed up shop. I just got home after another hour on the road. The governor has declared an emergency and the police are supposed to start handing out tickets if they find you on the roads. I have no idea how they intend to do that! Driving home there was so much traffic. Looking out our front windows I see people driving by all of the time. Stupid people! Speaking of stupid people, they just showed the mall on the news and it was packed! All of the malls in the area have announced that they are closing and people are upset! GO HOME!!!
Anyway, I am happy. I LOVE snow! Yay! White Christmas! Hubby's on his way home, so once he's here I'll be really happy. That will mean all of my loved ones are home and safe.
From what I hear on the news the blizzard will continue for another 24 hours! Yikes! Might not be working tomorrow either. Well, I wanted time to get things done....I got it!


Blogger JO said...

wow! you've got lots of snow already!

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