Saturday, November 18, 2006

Leaving on a jet plane again...

I'm off to Philly again to see Hubby's family for Thanksgiving. Hubby's brother is finally engaged, so I'm sure most of the talk will center in on the wedding. I just hope my future sister in-law decides we are good enough to talk to this time. Hubby and I met her for the first last August when we went out there and lets just say it didn't go well. We tried and tried to engage her in conversation to no avail. I thought at first maybe she was just shy, but I realized that wasn't it. She just didn't want to be around us for some reason. Now Hubby and I can be as irritating as the next couple, but we have friends. We can't be that horrible to spend time with. Of course, this time I will try again. I really want to be friends, so another chance is due I think. I'm trying to think of how to explain her personality. At least the way she was towards us. It's hard to talk to someone and ask them questions when all you get back are yes or no. Normally in a conversation you ask a few questions then the other person asks a few. In this situation all we do is ask questions and get nothing back. She seemed bored by our company and was constantly cutting our time together short and just leaving without a word. Now, I know she wasn't feeling that well at the time, but there is still no excuse to be rude. I'm sure she is a perfectly nice person, we just haven't seen it.
I love Hubby's brother. He is the irritating little brother I never had. He is actually a total sweetheart and deserves to be happy. So, for his sake we will do our best. I don't know...I want to like her and that's why we'll give it the whole college try again. Here's hoping we just met her at a bad time.
I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving! I'll be back on Tuesday the 28th.


Anonymous Local Girl said...

What an uncomfortable situation. I hope it goes much better this time. I think she's the one that should be trying to fit into your family!


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