Monday, June 18, 2007


I'm sorry I have not written a post in absolutely ages, but there is just so much going on this summer. I've been very busy with my Days of Our Lives Podcast and everyone I know is getting married this year for some reason. It's just been crazy! I guess it's not much of an excuse, I just feel like we are traveling constantly.
I had a couple of questions that I thought I should answer, so hear it goes.
Green Apple Martini asked how my Sears experience turned out.
It does not seem like it was quite as bad as her experience. It took a couple of visits and phone calls from various Sears idiots, but we did eventually get it fixed. I think I was so prepared for it all to go wrong from reading her experience, that I just took it in stride when it did! I'm still a Kenmore fan, but Sears....not so much. We made sure they understood that we were not happy with the fact that it took a month to get it fixed. I'm sure it made no difference, but you never know.
I have had a couple of emails about my husband as well. People seem to be a little confused as to what he does for a living, so I will try to explain.
He actually does quite a few different things, so when I refer to each one individually it sounds like he changes careers every month! Primarily he owns a company that makes web based games for their site and for clients called CleverMedia. You can play his games for free here at There are approximately 150-200 listed. His company has also branched out into other mediums including CD-Rom games, Video Podcasts and Audio Podcasts. The podcasts can all be found on the same site as the games. My hubby also writes books (he's writing his 13th at the moment) on making computer games and speaks at many computer related conferences every year. In addition to all of that and my bookstore we have been dabbling in commercial real estate as well. I know that all must sound like we are loaded, but trust me we are not.
I hope that explains it better and doesn't sound weird. My hubby is the entrepreneur in the family...not me. If it wasn't for him I would not have my bookstore!
I'll try to be better at posting when things slow down in mid August. Well, maybe anyway!


Blogger hotdrwife said...

Hey, I'm glad your situation was resolved better than ours. I like our brands (Kenmore, too), but not so much Sears.

Thanks for the update!

9:31 AM  

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