Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Rude people

I had something happen to me yesterday that just drives me crazy. It happens all of the time, but I just have to vent today for some reason. So, I was standing in line at Ross yesterday waiting to buy some clothes for the wee one. Of course I picked the wrong line and every other line was moving along at a good clip, but not mine. The woman behind me was driving me crazy. Well, not just her mainly her son of about 8. He was climbing and swinging all over the bar next to me. I would never allow my daughter to do this. This woman, who was a nurse by the way, didn't even seem to notice or care that her kid was banging in to me and generally getting in the way. I kept trying to move out of the way, but it was like the kid was trying to hit me. Anyway, I was next in line and the woman in front of me didn't like the total that they gave her and made the poor cashier count it out on a calculator. Of course only to find that it was exactly the amount it should have been. While this was going on they decided it was finally a good idea to open the line next to us. So the new cashier says "I can help someone over here". So here I have been in line for a good 15 minutes and the woman behind me about 5. Everyone else kept giving up and going to another line. I didn't because I was next and I thought I'd be there in a minute or two. So, the woman behind me high tales it over before I can get there along with some newbies who happened to walk up. Of course the woman in front of me is still going through her little drama. The crazy lady that was behind me then gets checked out and leaves before I even get up to the counter. I just don't understand that behavior. I am not a pushy person and admittedly I'm not good at standing up for myself, but do people not have manners anymore? Who raised this woman? I have never ever done that to someone. I always try to step aside for the people in front of me to go first. The cashier was an idiot as well for not saying "I can help the next person in line". Stuff like that makes me angry, but also very sad. I just wish people would take a moment now and then to be polite and remember their manners.


Blogger Kailani said...

Oh, I totally agree. It happens to me all the time and I usually don't say anything about it either.

There are a few stores that I noticed that will come up to you and say, "May I help you over here?" That's the way it should be done.

As for the parent, I'd hate to see how her children become as adults.

The Pink Diary

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Blogger Uisce said...

I think line management classes should be mandatory for all employees. Heck, he whole world could use it. I'm in this sandwich shop and there's the ONE LINE because the shop knows how to run a line. So what does some idiot customer do? Steps up to one of the many cashiers, ignoring the dozen people waiting the normal way. Completely oblivious. And thankfully the cashier told the person about the line and didn't skip them... but I've seen that, too. Aaaarggh, the pain.

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