Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Today was just a day. Not a special day. Not a bad day. Not a good day. Just a day where I got up, went to work, stuff happened and I went home. Well, I guess it was a little more interesting than that. I do have one gripe though, for the day. Why do people assume that I am in the book selling business for their convenience and not to make money? Why is it so wrong for me to make a profit on the books I sell? Do they think I could stay in business without it? It's a very long story that I don't feel like telling and you probably don't want to read. For some reason, though, when you are selling a "used" product some people feel that you should not make any money on it. Why not? I have employees to pay. I have the building mortgage and utilities to pay. In the middle of all of that it might be nice to support myself as well. I will admit my husband's business pulls in way more money than my business, but still no one is volunteering to work here. The books we stock I buy or take in trade. Once in a while people donate books, but they are usually crap. We are not a garage sale, we are a business. Sorry, someone who I thought was a friend just pushed my buttons today. Hope your day was better.


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