Monday, July 31, 2006

Lazy Monday with OCD

Not sure what I'm going to do today. Today is my Sunday and normally I would sleep in a little, putter around the house, bring my hubby some lunch at work, do some errands/shop or just sit around and read. Unfortunately, with the bathroom in shambles and no end in sight I can't do most of those things. One would assume that on a bright Monday morning that some contractor or another would show up to do some work to finish this monster, but no not yet. Every day I have to get up early in case they come and go find something to do that does not involve being in the house. Of course, I have been really tired this morning and it's taking me longer to get moving than normal. Good thing since they aren't here yet anyway. Who even knows if they will show up. I don't feel comfortable being here when they are working and it's very clear they don't either. They know how pissed off we are. You'd think that they would hurry it along and get it over with, but no apparently it's easier to ignore us and pretend we don't exist. How long do you wait? How many excuses do you have to hear before you get really mad? Hubby and I are not unreasonable people. In fact, we tend to be way to understanding, but even we are nearing our limit. Hubby finally installed the bathroom light himself so we could see what we are doing. When you keep seeing the fixture on the floor and keep hearing about how the electrician is coming and doesn't, you figure it out yourself.
Anyway, if I try to stay home and go about my normal routine they will naturally show up. If I go ahead and leave for the day we'll come home to nothing done. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. Now of course you say, "Why can't you just go about your business and leave if/when they show up?". It's really not that easy for me to do that. I am a creature of habit and I have diagnosed OCD. Not the kind of OCD that makes you obsessively clean. I'd probably like to have that one. No, it's more about routines and doing things a certain way at certain times. I get very out of whack when my schedule is interrupted. I see a therapist for it and she has helped wonders, but I can't handle changes. I'm a planner. Every morning I must know what I am doing that day even if it just involves vegging and watching TV or something. It can't change or I get very agitated and start doing my repetitive compulsions. Crazy I know, but you can't get rid of OCD. You have to learn to control it, so it doesn't get out of hand, but certain things will always set it off. I refuse to be medicated for it, so I have to learn to deal with it.
After writing this I think I have decided to leave for the day anyway and get some stuff done. I just can't sit around here and be comfortable even if they don't show up.


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