Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Here's the thing. I had a topic to discuss, I swear I did, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was. I was pretty busy all day and something happened with a customer that just drove me nuts, not sure what it was though. Yes, that sounds odd, but trust me in the used book business your day is filled with oddball customers and strange occurrences. I kept thinking that I would discuss this at length later when I had some time, but I just don't remember what it was. Am I crazy? Or just old? It's just silly that I can't remember!
One thing happened yesterday though. Mr. Zombie story dude came back. I had been desperately trying to avoid him, but he caught me by surprise. Again, I was getting ready to leave. So, I tried to let him down easy and explain that we didn't really have any use for his story, but that it was an interesting story (not even a little). Of course he let that go easily enough, but decided he had found another way for us to....Actually I really don't know what he thought this would do. Basically it was just a lame idea. Okay, well if we could pull it off maybe, but not really possible. You'll understand once I tell you. So, he says, you do have a Grim Reaper right? Well, yes, any self respecting haunted store would. ;-). He had seen it the last time he was in. He went on to tell us his idea. Now keep in mind we are basically half ignoring him by now, but he just doesn't get a hint. Anyway, here's the idea. This is how he put it to us anyway. "You know what you should do? You should get famous authors and personalities in here and have them pose for a picture with the Grim Reaper. Then you could put them in a photo album and put it on the table in the sitting area and people could look through it. That would get more people in here for sure." At this point I know I am just giving him the blankest stare. He pays no attention and keeps talking. "You could advertise that you have this book with famous people posing with the Grim Reaper. You'd be so busy!" So, he stops and we just continue to stare at him blankly. I really didn't know what to say. So how do you suppose we would get the "famous" people to take time out from their day to come into the store to get their picture taken with the Reaper? Now, if we were a new bookstore, then maybe it would be in their best interest to come in while promoting some new book, but we are a USED bookstore. We probably don't even have their latest book. We have tried author signings in the past, but it's hard to get anyone besides local "nobodies" in to the store. Sorry to put it that way, but nobodies are called nobodies for a reason. Very few, if anyone, would show up. This would cost us money and time. I can't really blame the authors, it's the agents that book their time. They are only interested in having their authors speak where they know that they can pack the customers in. Anyway, we tried to explain this to him. He then told us he had a friend that had just written a book that would be glad to come in to pose with the Grim Reaper to get us started. Yeah, that'll definitely get covered in the newspaper and have them lined up at the door! Here's our one picture! A dude that you don't know posing with the Grim Reaper! Woo Hoo! Now, since you are all here, buy some books! Ha Ha! What is up with this guy? Why has he taken it upon himself to promote our store. I mean I guess it's nice, kinda, but weird. At least have a decent idea anyway. He's been in the store 3 times. How could he possibly know what would work for the store and what wouldn't? Again, I just want to say, "Go sell crazy someplace else, we're all stocked up." Oy!

So here's something that did make me laugh today, since it's from my favorite show.

Which Buffy Character Are You?

this quiz was made by Selena


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