Thursday, July 20, 2006

Devil worshipers!

Okay, so as I mentioned yesterday, we have a theme in the store. It's a "haunted" bookstore, so there are creepy props everywhere.
When we set up the store we tried to stay away from gross bloody type props and stick with the more traditional creepy stuff like you'd find in an old weird attic. Hence the name "Attic Bookstore". Lots of skulls and bones, a mummy, a suit of armor etc. So, like some outrageous restaurants we have a theme too. There is something odd everywhere you look. It's a hook to get people in. In most cases this works great. People over all love it and thinks it's really cool. We do however get the odd customer that is horrified by it all. One such customer was in yesterday.He was about 50ish, nicely dressed like he had just come from work. At first he didn't say much. He then asked for some good book recommendations and kept us hopping for a little while. After about an hour he came up to the counter as if to purchase something. We asked if he was ready to check out and then we realized he had nothing in his hands. He then asked "What's with all of the bones?" We explained it to him and he wandered off to poke around some more. Finally, he came up to the counter and said, "I just have to tell you that I need to get out of here. Your store is just too scary!" We were dumbfounded. How old are you? 10? I mean come on.....have a sense of humor! We discussed if maybe he was kidding, but he looked very serious when he said it. We have had this happen in the past. I have been accused of being a devil worshiper, a witch and just plain crazy since we opened this store. Here is what made this incident even more funny, though. Earlier in the day two little old ladies came in for the first time. I'm talking like 80+ years old. Very sweet ladies. They went on and on about how much they LOVED the store and giggled like school girls every time they happened upon something particularly scary. They bought a lot of books and said that they couldn't wait to come in again. Now that's my kind a customer. People! Have a sense of humor! Enjoy yourself a little. I half expect to come in one day and see some crazy people picketing outside telling us "devil worshipers" to go away.


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