Monday, May 21, 2007

How weird...

Just last week I was reading a blog entry over at Green Apple Martini. She was complaining about the lack of service from the service department at Sears. She had a broken latch on her oven that was turning into a nightmare. Well, fast forward to this past Thursday and a nice big crack in my cooktop appeared on my new Kenmore stove from Sears. We didn't drop anything on it either. I was cooking dinner and was letting the sauce thicken while I sat in the living room talking to my husband. We heard this very strange sound come from the kitchen, but when we went in we couldn't find anything. I forgot about it and served dinner. The next night we were about to start dinner and then we saw it. A huge crack right across the center. We realized that was probably the sound we heard the night before. We decided it probably wasn't a good idea to use it and went out to dinner. I called Sears the next day they said not to use it and they promised that someone would be out on Monday between 1pm and 5pm to fix it. All weekend we had to get more creative with the microwave and toaster oven. I was off on Monday, so instead of doing my usual errands and I sat at home. I sat here all freaking day until about 4:45 when I get a call from a Sears guy. He says he's not coming, but he'll order the part. He's sure he knows the right one to get. Huh?!?!? It should be in "soon". I ask how "soon", since we can't cook very easily without a stove. Well...maybe a few days he says. Apparently it will be delivered directly to our house. When it arrives I have to call and set up another service call. He says maybe about 2 weeks or so. WHAT?!?!?!? Couldn't they have just told me this when I called on Friday and ordered the replacement then? "Sorry, ma'am...we'll get it done as soon as possible." I told him it needed to be quicker, that this was not our fault and it's still under warranty. He said he'd put a "rush" on it. Yeah...right. I have a feeling I'll be going through the same thing HDW has been for the last few weeks.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

There goes the property values...

This week has been quite exciting at the store. Now that the murder van has finally been moved life will get back to normal. What is a murder van you ask? It's what we affectionately have been calling the HUGE MASSIVE RV parked in front of the store this week. Why was it there? Well, there was a double murder next door on Sunday! Well, technically there is a tiny apartment building next to the store and on the other side of that is a house where the murders took place. Delightful huh? The whole block has been closed down, with police tape everywhere. It's really been hurting business, as there is not much room to park even though we have our own parking lot. At first they didn't realize it was a homicide and the police left pretty quickly. Then the autopsies came back and now they have been ruled a homicide. So, this HUGE police RV thing has been parked in front of the store. It's their Crime Scene Investigation Unit.
It's all been a big mystery around here. The police are not releasing any information. Not even the names of the victims or how they were murdered. Just asking a lot of questions that no one seems to have the answers to. It's quite scary actually. They have assured us that it appears to be an isolated incident and not a random act.
Thank goodness we aren't trying to sell or rent the building. I don't think it'd be worth much right now.

Friday, May 04, 2007


We did it and it turned out pretty good. What you ask? Well our Days of Our Lives podcast of course. Please...if you watch Days go over there and have a listen. We need all of the feedback we can get. Even if you don't like it let us know. As long as you say it nicely anyway.
Check it out at

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I found this while I was looking around on YouTube for stuff on Days of Our Lives. I'm trying to catch up on some of the older story lines before my first DOOLCast on Friday (see post from 4/28).
This brought back so many memories. I loved this show when I was a kid! The production values are terrible! If you like Days pay close attention to the end. I also find it hilarious that Michael Lembeck played Kaptain Kool. Obviously way before he became a respected director of Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond and many other TV shows and movies.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Baseball season is upon us...

So we took our daughter to her first baseball game of the season the other night. She's been to many games in the past. She absolutely loves baseball and for a 5 year old is a fantastic player. My hubby got me into it about a year or so ago and now that I understand the game I really enjoy it. I'm not exactly a sports person. Before this I just watched hockey and I think that's mainly because I'm Canadian. It's in our blood...we have to watch.

Now here is what I find strange. Our daughter loves to play the game and she loves to watch it on TV. She knows all of our team's players by name and understands what is happening in the game. Tell me why she can't sit through it at the baseball park without wiggling around? She quietly sits and watches at home, but for some reason you get her in the stands and she won't sit still or focus on the game.
Kids are weird.