Thursday, July 13, 2006 it goes.

So, how do you start out a blog anyway? Do I tell you endless things about myself first? Do I just jump right in and tell you what I did today? Who knows?
I guess I'll just talk about the chocolate cake I just had. Can I just say that bringing chocolate cake to work should be outlawed? Last Friday a chocolate cake appeared at work (actually downstairs in Hubby's office).*Sidetrack for clarification* I own a bookstore on the main floor and my husband owns a computer company on the garden level of our building. His employees and mine share a breakroom at the back of the bookstore. *End sidetrack* Supposedly left over from someone's birthday. This was a complete chocolate bundt cake, so how could it be left over? No one ate any at the party? I was then told that this was an "extra" cake. How can that be? Anyway, it appeared. We all looked at it, but no one would take the first piece. Finally, on Saturday, someone (me) decided enough was enough and cut into this cake. It was needless to say amazing! Incredibly moist! Knowing that it was downstairs helped me stay away from it. Periodically during the day I go downstairs to visit my husband or just to talk about something unimportant. I of course found an excuse on Monday to go down and visit. Of course I couldn't leave before I had another piece. Still yummy! Tuesday, I convinced myself that I would not go visit the cake. We were so busy, that I actually forgot about it. Yay! On Wednesday morning it appeared in the breakroom upstairs! This was just awful! Mainly guys work downstairs and it was apparently getting in their way. Huh? They do not seem to have the chocolate weakness that we do. Sarah, a co-worker and myself decided we needed breakfast dessert. Incredibly still delicious. We discussed throwing it away, but that would be wrong! Aren't there starving children in China or somewhere? That's what I was told as a child so I would finish my plate. Why this was a common thing to tell children I'll never understand. How would not clearing my plate help the starving children of the world? Oh well it came in handy for us. This morning it was still there. How could it still be good? It's been a week! I tried to control myself all day, but had to finally give in after being told by Sarah, who had it for breakfast dessert, that it was still yummy. What is up with this cake? We looked at the nutrition label (big mistake!) and discovered that it serves 30! On what miniature planet? In the whole cake is 7000 calories! That is not a typo!! What devil baker person made this cake? It lasts forever and tastes amazing! It's still in there taunting me right now. I must find out where this cake was purchased, so that I never make the mistake of buying from them. I depend on cake going bad, so that I don't have to finish it. Please people DO NOT bring leftover chocolate cake into your place of business! It distracts you way too much from your job. I have not gotten a thing done all week! I wish I had the strength to throw it away.....


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I was good cake, though.

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