Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Back again...

Well, I have not posted for the last few days because my Grandmother died and I needed to go to the funeral.
Never a good time to do that. We had just gotten back from our trip back east and off we went again. Maybe now our lives can get back to normal. I hope anyway.
Why does a death in the family always bring out the worst in people? You'd think it would bring out the best, but in my experience sadly no. We knew she was dying. She lived a very long life, but it's still hard when they actually go.
Here's the kicker that makes it worse though. My Aunt, who was caring for her and who we thought was a nice normal person, has flown the coop. No one knows where she is. She had the body moved, we don't know where, so all we could do was have a memorial service. She had the family trust/will changed without anyone's knowledge and now she somehow gets everything. Now we have to fight her in court, but that means finding her first. When we had the safe deposit box drilled open it had even been cleaned out. Even though my Mom, my uncle and my aunt were all equal in the will, my aunt had access to all of the money etc because she was the one caring for my grandmother. Somehow, during my grandmother's last few days, she had everything changed and put in her name. Our lawyer says it won't stand up in court since my grandmother was not of sound mind, but it still means a court battle. I just can't believe it has come to this. No one really cares about the money, it's not that much. It's the principle of the thing that gets you. All I really want is some memento of my grandmothers. Preferably the photo albums. That's what I have always loved to look at and she always said that they would be mine one day.
What would possess someone to do all of this? I just don't get it! My poor mother had to say goodbye without even getting to see her one last time! I feel like I'm living in some bad prime time soap opera.


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