Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sorry....been sick for a few days

My daughter and I have been fighting a terrible cold for the last few days. Her temperature even hit 104 briefly. She's feeling better today, but I'm still pretty bad. I decided to work today because as I have said before I do not like being home when the workers are there. No...they are still not finished. That is a whole other story! Four months and counting. Should have been one month. Hubby told them not to be there until 10am today since I've not been well. What time did they show up? 9am!!! Since they have keys I had to rush out of bed, get ready in record seconds and get the dog outside before they came in. That's not something a sick person enjoys doing. I rushed out of the house so fast and was to the store before I realized I had forgotten my prescription. Luckily they were not working the last two days, so we had some peace. Unfortunately, our big screen TV went out yesterday! We've been waiting, since it was starting to get old and we wanted a new one. WHY did it have to go out when all we wanted to do was veg and watch TV all day. I can't do anything when I am sick, but watch TV. We had to bring in the small 27" TV. I felt like I was squinting all day to see it. It just felt tiny. So...long story reason to stay home today. Plus, my daughter loves to cuddle w/me when she is sick and I'd be lonely without her today.


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